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Ski Jumping Olympics 2022: Schedule, Live Stream, TV Channel Info

Ski jumping is a sport with a record-breaking speed. Skiers can glide through the air in free fall, land on a ramp, and then leap back up using this unusual type of winter sports. As early as the late 19th century, ski jumping was first fought in Norway, and it quickly expanded across Europe and North America. Traditional Nordic skiing disciplines include both cross-country and downhill skiing. An in-run ramp, a takeoff table and a landing hill are part of the ski jumping site, known as “a hill.”

Depending on the distance travelled and style used, each jump is rated. To calculate the distance score, participants must reach the construction point also known as the K-point, a line marked in the landing area. An up to 20 points can be awarded to each judge’s evaluation of the style. The “V-style,” which is now frequently utilized, is a development of earlier jumps with parallel skis and both arms facing forward.

Ski Jumping Winter Olympics 2022

2022 Winter Olympics Ski Jumping Dates and Venues

The Kuyangshu Nordic Center and Biathlon Center in Zhangjiakou, China, will host the ski jumping competition at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. The competitions shall take place between February 5th and February 14th, 2022.

Olympic Ski Jumping Schedule 2022

The Winter Olympics in Beijing will take center stage in February 2022. Between February 5 and February 14, 2022, there will be five competitions for ski jumpers. At the Zhangjiakou National Ski Jumping Center, at Zhangjiakou, China. Men will compete in two individual jumps, one team event, and one mixed event. Female athletes will compete in both the mixed and the normal hill events, as well as an individual one for each gender.

*All times in Beijing Time. So you need to convert it to your timezone

Date Time Event
5 February 14:20 Men's individual normal hill qualification
18:45 Women's individual normal hill
6 February 19:00 Men's individual normal hill
7 February 19:45 Mixed team normal hill
11 February 19:00 Men's individual large hill qualification
12 February 19:00 Men's individual large hill
14 February 19:00 Men's team large hill

*Schedule subject to change

Olympics Ski Jumping Live Stream & TV Channels

In addition to broadcasting live on NBC and streaming on, the entire day of action will be also shown online. Here is the list of TV Channels and Live Stream Guides.

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Ski Jumping Rules

  • Two rounds are common in most major ski jumping contests.
  • A total of fifty jumpers will compete in the first round, each of whom will be allowed two attempts.
  • To be considered a legal jump, the jumper must successfully land on their feet without contacting the ground.
  • There are five judges for every leap.
  • To ensure precise measurement, landings are filmed.
  • All the jumpers’ scores are tallied up, and only the top 30 advance next round.
  • More leaps are made by the 30 contestants, with the scores of each added together. The winning jumper is the one with the most points.

Ski jumping has progressed tremendously in the last century, with new techniques allowing athletes to jump farther than ever before. Ski jumping began with Ole Rye in 1808, who jumped 9.5 m. Sondre Norheim was credited with inventing contemporary ski jumping. In 1866, at Ofte, Hydalsmo, Norway, He was awarded for his victory in the world’s first ski jumping competition.

Hence, the first Winter Olympics in 1924 at Chamonix Mont-Blanc, the sport has been a component of Olympic program. Standard hill race was a part of the Olympic program during 1964 in Innsbruck. Team competition was introduced in 1988 as a third competition.

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