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Biathlon Olympics 2022: Schedule, Live Stream, TV Channel & Key Facts

The word biathlon comes from a Greek word that means “two competitions.” It is a sport that mixes skiing and shooting. As a result, biathlon is a winter sport in which cross-country skiing and rifle shooting are combined. It was first used in the snow-covered forests of Scandinavia, where people hunted on skis with rifles slung over their shoulders. The International Biathlon Union is the world’s governing body for biathlon.

Biathlon Olympics 2022

2022 winter Olympics Biathlon Dates and Venues

The International Olympics Committee(IOC) selected Beijing city in China as the host of 2022 winter sport Olympics. Formerly in 2018 the games were held in Pyeongyang in South Korea. The games will officially kick start on 4th of February 2022 and end on 20th of February the same year.

Hualindong ski resort located at Zhangjiakou town 180km northwest of Beijing will hold all the Biathlon competitions. The events will run from 5th to 19th of February 2022. Below is the calendar of events.

Olympic Biathlon Schedule

*All times in Beijing Time. So you need to convert it to your timezone


Date Time Event
5 February 17:00 Mixed 4 x 6 km relay
7 February 17:00 Women's 15 km individual
8 February 16:30 Men's 20 km individual
11 February 17:00 Women's 7.5 km sprint
12 February 17:00 Men's 10 km sprint
13 February 17:00 Women's 10 km pursuit
18:45 Men's 12.5 km pursuit
15 February 17:00 Men's 4 x 7.5 km relay
16 February 15:45 Women's 4 x 6 km relay
18 February 17:00 Men's 15 km mass start
19 February 17:00 Women's 12.5 km mass start

*Schedule subject to change

How to watch Olympic Biathlon live stream

All Olympic Biathlon live streams will be available on IOC website. If any Biathlon sport is broadcasted in your area and shows within your calendar. If by any chance you miss any Biathlon event, you can find the sport replay or highlights on the dedicated event page.

All Biathlon live sport streams will be available on Olympic web, Olympic app and on mobile web. Watching live Biathlon streams on Olympic website will be free.

Read about Olympic Biathlon Live stream Channels

Biathlon Rules

The biathlete skis from 6-20 kilometers and stops two or four times at the shooting range to hit the target. The length of the ski run and the number of shooting sessions are both determined by the type of competition.

The target is always shot at a distance of 50 meters. Five shots are fired at five targets during each session. In relay, each session features three spare rounds for the biathlete.

Except in individual events, when penalties such as one minute of extra time for each target missed or a 150m penalty loop immediately following each shooting session are assessed for each target missed.

Individual and Sprint races start with one biathlete at a time, with a 30-second interval between them. Based on qualifying competition, the pursuit event is based on time intervals.

The first members of all teams start the race simultaneously, and tag the next team member in the Hand-over Zone.

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Biathlon Olympic History

Biathlon is thought to be over a thousand years old. As a competitive sport, it was the soldiers who learned it out of military practice. As a winter Olympic game, it was first incorporated in 1924 at Chamonix Olympic winter game, but it was for military personnel only. It continued as a military game in the 1928,1936 and 1948 winter Olympics games-the sport was later suspended due to world war 2.

The shoot and ski sport was introduced in 1960 in Squaw Valley California winter games as a single race. In next year’s Beijing winter Olympics, biathletes will compete in 11 disciplines.

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