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Cross-Country Skiing Olympics 2022: Schedule, Live Stream, TV Channel

Cross country skiing is one of the oldest winter sports. Skiing is a sport primarily done in Scandian countries like Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Skiing is one of the healthiest games one can play. It exercises the entire body from arms, legs, and trunk.

The equipment used for skiing is a ski hat, cover jacket, cover pants, bandana, a cross country ski suit, ski vest, sunglasses, cross country ski gloves, and a drink vest to carry warm drinks.

The sport involves transmitting your arms and shoulder and truck musculature into the snow with a pole in each hand. One can either freestyle or do classic technique skying.

Cross-Country Skiing Olympics 2022

2022 winter Olympics Cross-Country Skiing Dates and Venues

Cross country skiing is an Olympics game. 2022 winter Olympics cross country skiing will be held in China at kunyangshu Nordic and biathlon centers in Zhangjiakou.

In 2022 a maximum quota of 296 spots will be compete at the Olympic games.

The games shall be divided into six different categories of men and women.

The men’s category shall consist of 15-kilometre classic, 30-kilometre skiathlon, 50 kilometre freestyle, 4×10 kilometre relay, sprint freestyle and team sprint classic. While the women’s category shall consist of 10-kilometre classic, 15-kilometre skiathlon, 30 kilometre freestyle, 4×5 kilometre relay, sprint freestyle and team sprint classic.

The games shall be held between 5th and 20th of February 2022. The number of events shall be 12. Six for men and six for women.

Olympic Cross-Country Skiing Schedule

*All times in Beijing Time. So you need to convert it to your timezone

Date Time Event
5 February 15:45 Women's skiathlon
6 February 15:00 Men's skiathlon
8 February 16:00 Men's & women's individual sprint freestyle
10 February 15:00 Women's 10 km classical
11 February 15:00 Men's 15 km classical
12 February 15:30 Women's 4 x 5 km relay
13 February 15:00 Men's 4 x 10 km relay
16 February 17:00 Women's and men's team sprint classical
19 February 14:00 Men's 50 km mass start freestyle
20 February 14:30 Women's 30 km mass start freestyle

*Schedule subject to change

How to watch Olympic Cross-Country Skiing live stream & TV Channel

There are several channels that one can subscribe to and watch live stream event of the skiing Olympic games. Such channels include but are not limited to youtube tv, NBC Sports and Olympics tv.

Here is the complete Cross-Country Skiing live stream & TV Channel Guide

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Cross country skiing rules

Olympic rules are made and governed by federation international de ski {FIS}

The rules include:

  1. Always stay in control and avoid other people, objects and always be able to stop when necessary
  2. Never stop where you obstruct the trail
  3. When entering trail, always look uphill and give way to others
  4. Do not ski under the influence of any drugs or with an impaired judgment
  5. Observe and obey all signs and warnings
  6. Always use suitable restaurants to prevent runaway skiing

Cross country skiing has been contested in both Olympics and winter games since the year 1924 in Chamonix, France. While the women’s event first took place in 1952 winter Olympic

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