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How to watch the 2022 Winter Olympics on Discovery+

Discovery Sports has signed a multi-year partnership with Infront to broadcast FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski) events to fans in more than 50 European countries.

This winter, fans will be able to watch men’s and women’s FIS World Cup events on Discovery’s platforms, including Eurosport and discovery+.

Discovery + winter olympics 2022

The FIS Snowboard, Freestyle, and Freeski World Championships in 2023 (Georgia) and 2025 (Austin and Norway) are among the world-class winter sports rights included in the package (Austria and Norway). Summer Grand Prix Ski Jumping and the Biathlon World Team Challenge will both be shown on television until 2025.

Discovery Sports has introduced a multi-sport, direct-to-consumer offering with localized content and improved digital experiences to its multi-sport, direct-to-consumer offering. With the purchase, viewers will get access to nearly 1,000 hours of live coverage of the season’s most crucial events.

According to their intentions, Beijing will host the Winter Olympics in 2022.

In the days running up to the event, Discovery will show 3,000 hours of live winter sports content. Winter Pass, a new show, will premiere as part of the build-up. Radzi Chingyangya will host the event.

To watch BBC stations on Freeview and subscription TV providers such as Virgin and Sky, you must have a valid UK TV license. The BBC will air highlights of the coverage.

Every day from midnight to 3 p.m., BBC One will broadcast live action from the slopes as well as highlights from a variety of broadcasters. Clare Balding’s nightly highlights begin at 7 p.m.

LIVE STEAMING THROUGH EUROSPORT It is, however, not available on Freeview and must be accessed through a subscription. If you have a Sky or Virgin TV subscription, you may subscribe to Eurosport’s Olympics channel (which is free to customers).

Where to watch the Winter Olympics event online?

Even if you don’t have cable or satellite, you can watch the Olympics via BBC iPlayer or Eurosport/Discovery+.

Despite the fact that registering for BBC iPlayer is absolutely free, viewing requires a valid UK TV licence. When you’re away from home during the Olympics, a virtual private network (VPN) can help you watch iPlayer (VPN). A VPN (virtual private network) may be used to access the internet from a foreign country by redirecting your IP address.

We recommend PureVPN if you want a VPN with the quickest possible speeds and overall performance.

Check out our entire guide to watching iPlayer in another country.

How can I access BBC iPlayer if I am not in the United Kingdom?

Discovery+ users can also access a dedicated Eurosport streaming service. It costs £6.99 a month to watch the games, which also includes access to 90 Day Fiancé, Australian Gold Hunters, and Gold Rush.

If you have a Vodafone mobile phone and subscribe to Discovery+, you may be able to watch the Winter Olympics for free. Visit this link to sign up for the Vodafone Discovery+ plan.

Eurosport, which is currently included in your Prime Video membership, may be added to Amazon Prime for an extra £6.99 per month.

Go to this website to sign up for Amazon Prime.

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