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Skeleton Olympics 2022: Schedule, Live Stream, TV Channel & Key Info

2022 Winter Olympics Skeleton Dates and Venues

The Skeleton event will be contested at the:

  • Xiaohaituo Bobsleigh and;
  • Luge Track in Yanqing District, China.

The event will take place on February 10-12, 2022, with the schedules established as follows:

Olympic Skeleton Schedule 2022

*All times in Beijing Time. So you need to convert it to your timezone

Date Time Event
Thu 10 Feb 9:30 Men Heat 1
11:00 Men Heat 2
Fri 11 Feb 9:30 Women Heat 1
11:00 Women Heat 2
20:20 Men Heat 3
21:55 Men Heat 4
Sat 12 Feb 20:20 Women Heat 3
21:55 Women Heat 4

*Schedule subject to change | The event finals are shown in bold.

Olympics Skeleton Live Stream TV Channels

Winter Olympics is an international event. Different countries with different broadcasters will air Olympic Events. So you need to find out your location tv channel and live stream partner. Here is the complete guide on the Olympics Live stream from anywhere.

Skeleton Rules

The two categories, men’s and women’s, will each have a total of 50 candidates competing against each other. The competition will take place over two days, with the winner receiving a trophy for being the quickest slider.

What are Skeleton Olympics & Its History?

2022 Winter Olympics Skeleton

Snowboarders participate in the skeleton event, in which they utilize a flat sled to push themselves head-first and face-down down a hill on their boards (face down). Races are often staged on snow, which allows the racers to benefit from the force of gravity to propel them forward. .

The event was originally competed in 1928 and 1948, before being phased out as an Olympic event. Skeleton has participated in every game since the 2002 Salt Lake City Games, when it was featured in both the men’s and women’s sports program. When the first metal sleds arrived in 1892, the name “skeleton” was coined to describe them, and the term has persisted ever since.

This is a sled racing type that is similar to luge, except that the riders ride on their backs and feet first instead of their legs. Even though the route is the same, race dynamics are seldom the same from one race to the next.

Skeleton is the least successful of the winter Olympic sports in the United Kingdom, ranking second worst in the country. The preceding two decades saw medals from notable athletes from the UK.

The procedure is straightforward, albeit a little terrifying at first. Get on a sled fashioned like a surfboard and slide down the ice as quickly as you can while staying upright. The luge and bobsleigh are regarded to be the ancestors of all sliding sports, with the luge being the earliest.

When they compete in Beijing 2022, they’ll have to live up to the standards set by Amy Williams and Yarnold, who both won gold medals in Vancouver 2010, Sochi 2014, and Pyeongchang 2018.

Yarnold’s retirement leaves just bronze medalist Laura Deas as the biggest female danger to her Olympic record, with Deas a distant second. Despite suffering a setback early in the season, the former equestrian champion believes she is on the right track to a triumphant season finale.

A wide variety of alternatives are accessible to male contestants during the competition. Matt Weston and three other skeleton racers took home the gold medal at the World Cup in Igls, making him the first British man to accomplish so in more than a quarter century. With regard to his competition, the 24-year-old confesses that his progress has been far faster than theirs.

Even though it is not renowned internationally, Skeleton Olympics are an entertaining thing to watch.

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