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Alpine Skiing Olympics 2022: Schedule, Live Stream, TV Channel & Key Facts

Alpine skiing, also known as downhill skiing, is a race against the clock and the mountain. While the course length and amount of twists change, athletes must descend the slope through a sequence of blue and red gates, with the athlete who completes the course the fastest winning.

Alpine Skiing Olympics 2022

2022 Winter Olympics Alpine Skiing Dates and Venues

The winter Olympic Alpine skiing competition in 2022 shall take place in Beijing’s national alpine ski center (Xiaohaituo Alpine Skiing Field), which will also host international sports events and national team training.

From February 6 to February 19, 2022, the event will take place. There will be 11 events in all, including downhill, super g, giant slalom, slalom, alpine combined, men’s and women’s mixed teams, and the course’s specifics will vary according to the timetable.

Olympics Alpine Skiing Schedule 2022

Date Time Event
Sunday, 6 February 2022 11:00-13:19 Men's Downhill
Monday, 7 February 2022 10:15-11:55 Women's Giant Slalom Run 1
13:45-15:39 Women's Giant Slalom Run 2
Tuesday, 8 February 2022 11:00-13:14 Men's Super-G
Wednesday, 9 February 2022 10:15-11:50 Women's Slalom Run 1
10:15-11:50 Women's Slalom Run 2
Thursday, 10 February 2022 10:30-12:45 Men's Alpine Combined Downhill
14:15-15:59 Men's Alpine Combined Slalom
Friday, 11 February 2022 11:00-13:09 Women's Super-G
Sunday, 13 February 2022 10:15-12:15 Men's Giant Slalom Run 1
13:45-15:49 Men's Giant Slalom Run 2
Tuesday, 15 February 2022 11:00-12:59 Women's Downhill
Wednesday, 16 February 2022 10:15-12:10 Men's Slalom Run 1
13:45-15:39 Men's Slalom Run 2
Thursday, 17 February 2022 10:30-12:00 Women's Alpine Combined Downhill
14:00-15:19 Women's Alpine Combined Slalom
Saturday, 19 February 2022 11:00 - 11:44 Mixed Team Parallel 1/8 Finals
11:47 - 12:10 Mixed Team Parallel 1/4 Finals
12:14 - 12:29 Mixed Team Parallel 1/2 Finals
12:37 - 12:43 Mixed Team Parallel Small Final
12:46 - 12:54 Mixed Team Parallel Big Final

*All times in Beijing Time. So you need to convert it to your timezone | *Schedule subject to change

Alpine skiing fans will be able to follow the sweat, grasp, and grit of numerous athletes from the comfort of their seats since the event will be shown live regularly throughout prime time.

Everyone will be able to witness the world’s best alpine skiers race against the clock for the highly desired position of alpine skier champion. It will undoubtedly be an era of calling and reckoning in human history. What a delight it will be to witness.

How to Watch Olympics Alpine Skiing Live Stream Online?

Watch Winter Olympics Alpine Skiing Live on and the NBC Sports app will stream the race live from United State. UK Skiing fans need to tune in to BBC or Eurosport. Here, BBC iPlayer and Eurosport player is the free option for live stream online winter Olympics 2022. Check the complete Winter Olympics TV Broadcasters and Winter Olympics live stream guide here!

Olympic Alpine Skiing Rules

The International Paralympic Committee has drafted rules and regulations to regulate the administration of alpine skiing contests.

Several of the rules include the following:

When skiing with one ski, athletes in classes LW9 and LW2 are not permitted to use the free limb in touch with the snow to gain speed or maintain balance. Violators of this regulation shall face disqualification.

If a guide becomes ill, visually impaired competitors may substitute guides with the consent of the International Paralympic Committee’s alpine skiing judges.

The committee is responsible for certifying and licensing the guide. Additionally, all guides must have adequate vision, with visual fields within customary norms, for safety reasons. Athletes have a requirement to ski with guides. During the race, physical contact between the competitor and the guide will result in disqualification. During the competition period, all competitors in class B1 must wear blacked-out goggles; the model for Google is optional.

Additionally, the distance between the guide and athlete must not exceed two direction changes in technical events such as giant slalom and one direction change in speed events like downhill and super-g. Failure to adhere to this regulation will result in eventual disqualification.

All guides must wear competition bibs that feature a visible G on the front and the international paralympic committee’s alpine skiing logo on the right shoulder front. The bibs are maybe orange or red. Snow machines and other noise sources must be kept to a minimum throughout the racetrack for visually impaired racers.

The Olympic alpine skiing competition in 2022 will truly bring people of all races and genders together to celebrate the sport’s delight, and people are looking forward to it in apprehension.

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