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How to Watch & Stream Winter Olympics 2022 On Roku

The 2022 Winter Olympics coverage is available in multiple live streaming services. One of them is Roku. If you are using a Roku device and service, you will want to reserve this option so that you can watch the Winter Olympics 2022 without any hassle.

Snow and ice are used in winter sports. It’s a multi-sport international competition held every four years. The IOC was founded by Baron Pierre de Coubertin en 1894, when he established the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The first Summer Olympics were held in Athens, Greece in 1896. Over time, the Winter Olympic Games grew from five to nine sports, with some being introduced and others being dropped. Directv Stream, fuboTV, Sling TV, and Hulu Plus all have it.

Winter Olympics 2022 On Roku

If you’ve gotten a hold on the Roku Device, then you want to watch the Winter Olympics from it. Here is what you need to do to be able to watch the Winter Olympics games with your device.

  • Creating an account with your PC or smartphone
  • Go to the FuboTV site on your device. Then you could find the “START FREE TRIAL” button and click or tap it.
  • Fill out the form with your email, password, and Zip code.
  • Click continue then choose the plan you want to pick for enjoying the service.
  • Enter the payment information and Submit. There you have it. Once you have the account in FuboTV, you are able to use your credentials to watch the 2022 Winter Olympics.

How to Add FuboTV to your Roku

If you want to watch the Winter Olympics 2022 on your TV, you will need to add FuboTV or other services to your Roku. But for this post purpose, let’s focus on FuboTV service.

  • In your Roku Remote, you can Press Home Button. Then you could navigate the Streaming Channels and choose Search Channels.
  • Enter FuboTV on the search bar. After finding the FuboTV, you could Add channel and select OK to confirm.
  • Congratulations! You are now able to watch FuboTV on Roku.

How to Add FuboTV to your Roku through Roku Website

If you are not up to using the Roku remote to add the FuboTV, you could do it on the website instead:

  • Open your favorite browser and go to the Roku Channel Store.
  • Enter your Roku Credentials.
  • Next, you could enter FuboTV on the Search Channels bar and choose the FuboTV app from the list.
  • Click Add channel to install the FuboTV on Roku device.
  • Select the Winter Olympics
  • To watch the Winter Olympics on Roku, you will need to use your FuboTV account.
  • So, launch your FuboTV app on your Roku Device.
  • Enter your FuboTV credentials to sign in.
  • In the Search icon, you could enter the NBC.
  • The result will show up immediately. All you need to do then is to choose the Winter Olympics and select Play.
  • Or, you could play it in your Smartphone or other Roku connected device using Screen Mirroring Mode.

If you are using the Roku remote to add the FuboTV:

  • In the Roku remote, Press the Home button, Choose Settings, and choose System.
  • Select Screen Mirroring, and choose Screen Mirroring mode.
  • To allow Smartphone or other devices mirroring, you could select either Prompt or Always Allow.
  • Go to Your Smartphone and go to the Notification Panel.
  • Pick the Cast icon or Screen Mirroring icon, and choose your particular Roku device.
  • If this works, you will see your smartphone screen on the TV.
  • The next thing to do is to open your FuboTV app and select the NBC to Watch.

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