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How to Watch the Winter Olympics on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV

There will be no tickets available for the next Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics because of the “grave and sensitive situation” of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Officials said on Monday that groups of fans will be allowed entry to the games.

COVID-19 countermeasures must be strictly adhered to before, during, and after each event, the Beijing 2022 organizing committee noted in a statement.

Tickets will only be offered to mainland Chinese citizens who have satisfied the COVID-19 safety requirements, the IOC previously stated.

Perhaps that could be the reason why you decide to get home and watch the Winter Olympics from your living room. Or, perhaps, you have another reason to choose to watch the Winter Olympics on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV.

Winter Olympics on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV

Either way, the Apple devices users have the unique way to enjoy the upcoming Winter Olympics 2022 from anywhere they want.

“Apple News” in the United States will keep you up to speed on the Winter Olympics. Movies, articles, and other essential material are included here. A Mac, an Apple TV, or an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad are all viable options. We’ll teach you how to get the most out of streaming and the internet in general.

The opening ceremony will be replayed on NBC, so viewers may catch up on what they missed. Even cable can’t promise that every Olympic event will be shown online, making it difficult for viewers to catch all of the action.

For the first time, you get 30 minutes of free live streaming on the NBC iOS or tvOS app. After that, you’ll get access to live videos for a further five minutes. This means you must use the NBC Sports app on your cable provider’s platform in order to view all hours of coverage.

Free trials and memberships are just two of the many ways we may currently watch live streaming. However, if you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the Olympics, skipping the free trials isn’t the greatest option. The Winter Olympics will be shown on the following Live TV Streaming networks:

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It is currently the most affordable option you can use to watch the Winter Olympics. It costs you below $64.99 per month to enjoy premium channels including NBC Sports network which covers the event. It also comes with 7 day free trial.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu is offering various channels including one which covers the Winter Olympics. If you go for Hulu with Live TV, it would cost you around $69.99 per month. But it also comes with a free trial for newly registered users.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV can also be a bang for the buck. But the only downside that you might want to consider is that it does not include the USA network.

Sling TV

Sling TV Blue package costs you $30 per month. It is the cheapest option out there. Sling TV Blue package include NBC networks (Available in Select Markets).

All of the services that we’ve mentioned above work well with Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, as well as Mac. With your device, the only thing left to check is your internet connection.

Happy watching!

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