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USA Winter 2022 Uniforms for Opening and Closing Ceremony

It’s that time of year again, America, and before the world’s best athletes hit the fields (and rinks, courses, and pools), we get a look at the iconic style of Team USA 2022’s uniforms.

USA Winter 2022 Uniforms

You may recall that Team USA’s outfits for the 2020 Olympics were created by Ralph Lauren! While the crowd adored the new red, white, and blue appearance, the same cannot be said about Team Canada’s denim jackets. But in 2022, both teams are wearing the season’s hottest trend: the Puffer Jacket.

Of course, Ralph Lauren is back, creating Team USA’s ceremonial uniforms for the 14th year since the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Unlike Team USA, Team Canada elected to break up with Hudson’s Bay, which has outfitted Canada since the 2006 Turin Winter Games.

Keep reading to learn more about the eco-friendly Team USA Winter 2022 jerseys and which athleisure designer is helping Team Canada raise their style game.

Uniform for Opening Ceremony

For the 14th time, Ralph Lauren is designing Team USA’s opening and closing ceremonies jerseys. Ralph Lauren may have to show us his Opening Ceremony’suit when the ’22 Olympics begin in February.

Following the publication of the Closing Ceremony uniforms in October, Ralph Lauren has revealed that the Opening Ceremony uniforms will be released in the new year.

Closing Ceremony

Team USA will wear intarsia turtleneck sweaters with the American flag and blue fleece leggings for ladies, as well as white fleece pants for men, for the closing ceremony. Unisex uniforms this year reflect a recent trend of employing recycled and/or sustainably created materials in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.

In a news release, David Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s Chief Branding and Innovation Officer, said, “Ralph Lauren is tremendously thrilled to outfit Team USA with apparel that has been manufactured with integrity and purpose.” Our consistent design symbolizes a new and fresh modern style that was developed with long-term sustainability in mind.

As is traditional, every component of the costume, including the gloves and boots, is produced in the United States.

Are the uniform eco-friendly?

This year’s USA outfits use recycled polyester, down, and wool certified by the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). Ralph Lauren said in a news statement for the Olympics that it will use 100% RWS certified or recycled wool by 2025.

Lauren continued, “We are thrilled to have designed meaningful attire for Team USA that exemplifies this mission.”

Aja Evans, an Olympic bronze medalist bobsledder, also likes the company’s ecological outfits. “Ralph Lauren is the brand to be in,” Evans told Yahoo! I love wearing the clothes and they are all sustainable. It makes me happy that they’re helping the environment. They also work with Team USA athletes and donate revenue. So I feel like they’re always there for us.”

When are the 2022 Olympics?

Did you know that the modern Olympics first took place in 1894? The ancient games predate the International Olympic Committee, which was established in 1894 by Charles Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin. Two years later, the first modern games were staged, and the IOC now oversees the Games.

Based on the ancient Olympic Games, the modern Olympics are held every four years. It was used to commemorate the passage of time by the ancient Greeks, and we now perform it every four years to honor tradition. On February 4, 2022, a new Olympic year begins.

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