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Olympics 2022 Speed Skating Schedule, Live Stream, TV Channel, Rules

In the 13th century, ice racing on ice skates became popular in the Netherlands, where it has been practiced ever since. In the late nineteenth century, organized international competition developed, and in 1924, the sport was included in the first Winter Olympics as a men’s event.

Olympics 2022 Speed Skating Schedule

2022 winter Olympics Speed Skating dates and venue

China’s National Speed Skating Oval (“Ice Ribbon”) will host the 2022 Winter Olympics’ speed skating competition from February 5 to 19. Speed skating has participated in the Winter Olympics for 24 years now (17th time for women). Fourteen events, seven for men and seven for women, will be held. The same 14 events that took place in 2018 There will be 83-speed skaters per gender (in 2018, there will be 100 men and 80 women) and a reduction in the total number of quota spots from 180 to 166 to achieve greater gender equality.

Olympics Speed Skating schedule 2022

The following is a preliminary schedule for all of the speed skating competitions. There were no team pursuit events, so all rounds of each event were completed in one sitting:

*All times in Beijing Time. So you need to convert it to your timezone

Day Date Time Event
Day 1 Saturday, 5 February 16:30-18:05 Women's 3000 metres
Day 2 Sunday, 6 February 16:30-18:25 Men's 5000 metres
Day 3 Monday, 7 February 16:30-18:05 Women's 1500 metres
Day 4 Tuesday, 8 February 18:30-20:00 Men's 1500 metres
Day 6 Thursday, 10 February 20:00-21:30 Women's 5000 metres
Day 7 Friday, 11 February 16:00-18:05 Men's 10,000 metres
Day 8 Saturday, 12 February 16:00-17:45 Team pursuit women – Quarterfinals
Men's 500 metres
Day 9 Sunday, 13 February 21:00-22:50 Team pursuit men – Quarterfinals
Women's 500 metres
Day 11 Tuesday, 15 February 14:30-17:15 Team pursuit men – Finals
Team pursuit women – Finals
Day 13 Thursday, 17 February 16:30-17:55 Women's 1000 metres
Day 14 Friday, 18 February 16:30-17:50 Men's 1000 metres
Day 15 Saturday, 19 February Mass start men
Mass start women

*Schedule subject to change | The event finals are shown in bold.

Olympics Speed Skating Live Stream & TV Channels

The women’s 3000 meter and the men’s 5000-meter events will be broadcast live at 6 p.m. ET on January 5 in the USA. FuboTV, Sling, DirecTV Stream, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and others offer streaming services.

7 p.m. ET Thursday, 1/6 – Men and women’s 1000m – Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV are just a few of the streaming services you can use.

Men’s and women’s 500-meter finals air at 6 p.m. ET in the USA on Friday, January 7. fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV are just a few of the streaming services you can use.

There is a mass start for men and women at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 9 in the USA. Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV are just a few of the streaming services you can use.

Speed Skating Rules

The following are the rules of a winter speed skating Olympic competition:

  • A 400-meter oval track is used for Olympic Speed Skating competitions. They race on a 111-meter track in Short Track.
  • The firing of a gun signals the start of a race. A “false start” occurs when an athlete moves forward too quickly and is penalized. Athletes who make more than one false start are in danger of being disqualified.
  • Rivals on the outer lanes must be given priority when two racers meet at a corner. Disqualification will be issued if a competitor fails to adhere to this rule or impedes an opponent in any way.
  • If an athlete fails to finish a race, they may be given a second chance.
  • When approaching the finish line, skaters are not allowed to change lanes.
  • The term “relay player” refers to a skater who stands for another skater in certain races. The starter must complete at least one lap before any relay players can be called up.

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Speed skating Olympic History

The first Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix, France, saw the introduction of Speed Skating in 1924. Participation was initially restricted to a select group of men. The Lake Placid Games in 1932 was the first time that women were allowed to compete in speed skating, a demonstration sport.

Cindy Klassen, a Canadian speed skater, was the only other Olympian to win five medals at a single Winter Games, one gold, two silver, and two bronze, by 2006. Only Bonnie Blair of the United States and Sven Kramer of the Netherlands have won gold in the same speed skating event three times.

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