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Nordic Combined Olympics 2022: Schedule, Live Stream, TV Channel Info

Ski jumping is the first level of Nordic combined. Depending on the sport, the athlete will take turns jumping once or twice. Each of them takes a step forward. Competitors receive a score based on the distance of the jump. The Nordic combined is another test consisting of a 10km cross-country race and an exceptional ski jumping competition, where the winner is determined by the points given to both. Nordic racing is a term used to describe cross-country skiing.

2022 Winter Olympics Nordic Combined

2022 Winter Olympics Nordic Combined Dates and Venues

The Kuyangshu Nordic Center and Biathlon Center will host the Nordic Combined at the 2022 Winter Olympics. The three tournaments will be held from February 9th to 17th, 2022. Zhangjiakou, a series of luxury resorts in Chongli, is partnering with Beijing to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. Most snow events occur in the Zhangjiakou cluster.

Olympic Nordic Combined Schedule 2022.

The fixture calendar includes schedules, dates, locations, news, and how to watch the Olympic Nordic Combined online. Nordic combined competitions will be held at two locations in the Zhangjiakou cluster. Half of the competition ski jumps will be held at the National Ski Jump Center, and the cross-country part will be held at the National Cross-Country Center. Find out when the Nordic Combined Olympic Games will be held at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

*All times in Beijing Time. So you need to convert it to your timezone

Date Time Event
9 February 16:00 Men's individual normal hill
19:00 Men's individual 10 km
15 February 16:00 Men's individual large hill
19:00 Men's individual 10 km
17 February 16:00 Men's team large hill
19:00 Men's team relay 4 x 5 km

*Schedule subject to change | The event finals are shown in bold.

Olympics Nordic Combined Live Stream & TV Channels

Start your free trial on FuboTV and watch the Olympic Nordic Combined (can be canceled at any time). Live TV from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and other popular cable networks is available for streaming. You can watch the 2022 Winter Olympics live on the live TV streaming service. You will not need any cable or satellite TV subscription.

Nordic Combined Rules

The 2022 Olympic schedule has three areas of Nordic combined, all of which are men’s events including, Regular hills for individuals, large hills individuals, and teams. Each of the three events has ski jumping and cross-country skiing competitions. Each of the three events takes place in one day, and cross-country skiing always takes precedence over ski jumping.

Each athlete makes one attempt on regular or large hills, and ski jumping is always the first. Distances are converted to points, and points are converted to time. The athlete who jumps farthest starts first, followed by the athlete at the time interval specified by the jump distance. The winner is the person who first crosses the finish line.

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Nordic Combined Olympic History

Ski jumping and cross-country skiing belong to the Nordic combined sport. Skiing was developed to allow people to ski in the snow. Skiing is believed to have taken place around 600 BC.

It was devised and put into practice. Ski jumping, an element of the Nordic combined, began in 1808 when Olerai jumped 9.5 meters in Norway. In 1866 Norway hosted the world’s first ski jumping tournament.

The tournament was won by Sondre Norheim, who is considered the father of modern ski jumping. After World War, a new technology called Kongsberger technology was developed to help Austria’s Sepp Bradl jump 101 meters in 1936.

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