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Lawmakers Send Urgent Letter to NBC Regarding Human Rights Protests in Winter Olympics

Legislators want NBC to talk about human rights protests during the Winter Olympics in China. NBC is being asked to talk about human rights protests during the 2022 Winter Olympics in China.

NBC CEO Jeff Shell and NBC Olympics President Gary Zenkel were sent a letter by Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO) that was signed by 29 other members of Congress. The letter criticized NBC’s coverage of the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing, as well as the PRC’s likely efforts to silence critics when the world is watching.

Human Rights Protests in Winter Olympics

Parliamentarians say this event could be used to spread misinformation and make people forget about the PRC’s terrible human rights abuses, especially the ongoing genocide of Uyghur Muslims, which is taking place. To protect oppressed groups like Uighur, Tibetan, Hong Kong residents, and Falun Gong practitioners; Christians; and human rights activists, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) should revoke the PRC’s right to host the Olympic Games.

There was a second Olympics in 2008. The lawmakers called it a “tragedy” because the Olympics “could be used as propaganda tools for authoritarian governments.”

They talked about the disappearance of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai, who had accused a former senior official of sexual assault and was forced to withdraw her accusations. They said that “only worldwide pressure” made the PRC reveal that Peng Shuai was safe.

They said that the IOC has already signaled that it will keep highlighting propaganda from the People’s Republic of China. The IOC has worked with the People’s Republic of China to try to silence Peng Shuai and has said that “respect for the sovereignty” of host countries is a top priority. In the absence of real action by the IOC, the world media must report on the crimes of the People’s Republic of China against people.

“China might be able to use the 2022 Winter Olympics as a propaganda victory if the world’s media don’t stand up to the People’s Republic of China. No one should be offended if people pay attention to the hard work and achievements of American athletes who have worked their whole lives to represent their country in the Olympic Games “added to the number of people who could vote:

Should the United States not go to the Beijing Olympics in 2022? Robert Gehrke tells you why.
Even though China has a lot of work to do when it comes to human rights, boycotts haven’t always worked in the past.

When it was the first time someone tried to stop the Olympics, it didn’t work.

Human rights groups, on the other hand, have called for a boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing to protest China’s well-known human rights crimes.

The regime’s record is terrible.

The majority of attention is paid to the Uighur Muslims. Hong Kong protests for democracy were violently stopped, Tibet was still ruled by China, and tennis player Peng Shuai and other journalists disappeared.

Also, the Chinese government tried to hide and mishandle the Covid epidemic, and it’s now getting more and more angry at Taiwan with its militarization of the island.

This kind of wickedness and disobedience calls for a strong international response, but it hasn’t happened yet.

But there’s no reason to think that a boycott of the Beijing games will do any good at all.

History shows that boycotts don’t work, says David Lunt, a Southern Utah University history professor who studies sports and culture. The US boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics, and the Soviets boycotted the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics in response.

The Soviets didn’t leave Afghanistan because American athletes didn’t show up for the games.

What do you think about it? Do you think Winter Olympics deserve to get banned? Let us know in the comment section below.

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